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Innovation and Craftsmanship
in Fine Cabinetry Since 1977

As a family company, our top goals are providing quality products and maintaining warm relationships. We achieve this by providing a great place to work and encouraging thought and innovation among our employees. We maintain a culture of excellence that means only the best will do and our work reflects it. Quality and trust are our brand – fine cabinetry is our product.

Gary Krig

Hard work, ingenuity, innovation, and helping others are values that Gary Krig has always known. Growing up in Boyceville, Wisconsin in a large family rooted in farming, Gary learned the value of being a good neighbor, as well as being resourceful. He brings these principles to Northland Woodworks by sharing what he has learned, whether on the job site with customers and contractors or training a new employee. After graduating from St. Paul Technical College, Gary spent 5 years as an apprentice in a cabinet shop. In 1977 at the age of 24, Gary started Northland Woodworks in his garage with a used table saw and a few basic tools. We have come a long way since Gary’s garage, growing to a 24,000 square foot showroom and production facility. Gary has not lost touch with his roots, however, and likely will remember you, even if yours were the first cabinets to come out of his shop.

Matt and Leah Krig

Matt and Leah met as undergrads at UW-Stout, Matt graduated from the Industrial Design program and Leah graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Interior Design program. On this fated night, Matt was working late in the design lab on a project, and Leah was taken by his studious dedication, clear understanding of design, and extensive knowledge of furniture making and homebrewing. The rest is history, as they say. Brought together by a love for well thought out design, Matt and Leah continue to encourage and motivate each other for continuous improvement.

Matt Krig

Matt grew up in and around the business, and began helping out with deliveries and keeping the shop clean at the age of 13. He worked many evenings with his father and grandfather maintaining equipment, and occasionally adding something new. Here he learned not only the wood side of the business, but metal fabrication, machining, and some shade tree engineering. From this, a passion for machinery and process was born. After completing school Matt came on full time in 2003 and has been instrumental in automating the shop. Matt has added award winning finishes, a custom closet company, and several stock cabinet brands to the lineup. Matt is a volunteer board member and also the current 2014 serving President of the Cabinet Makers Association, as well as a speaker and educator on woodworking and business related topics. If he’s not at the shop, Matt is likely off with his family in the woods or waters of Minnesota, Wisconsin, or the Dakotas.

Leah Krig

Leah grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. As the fifth in a line of six children, Leah was always trying to keep up with the older kids. Nighttime car rides in the winter would find her gazing out the window, peering into the warm lit-up spaces of homes as the car whizzed past, enchanted by the interiors presented there. Her father, a civil engineer, instilled in her a love of organization and detail that, combined with her love for beautiful spaces, eventually led her to choose a path in Interior Design. Being immersed in a large family, Leah developed a keen sensitivity toward others and an ability to listen and interpret others’ needs - lending itself to a successful career in Interior Design. Leah began to consult for Northland Woodworks in 2006, and in 2007, joined the team full time. From doing bids and tagging along with Gary on site measures, Leah has advanced to leading the front of house operations, along with project management and sales.


Preferred Vendors

  • Cold Spring - to view natural stone slabs like granite, marble, and other stone.
  • Amsum and Ash - to view natural stone slabs like granite, marble, and other stone.
  • Stone Holding Co. - to view natural stone slabs like granite, marble, and other stone.
  • Custom Stone Interiors - to measure and install granite or other solid surfaces.
  • Select Surfaces - to measure and install Cambria or other solid surfaces.
  • Fabricator's Unlimited - for the fabrication of laminate, granite, or solid surface countertops.
  • Amerock - Manufacturer of decorative cabinetry hardware.
  • Hickory Hardware - Manufacturer of decorative cabinetry hardware.
  • Berenson Hardware - Manufacturer of decorative cabinetry hardware.
  • Top Knobs - Manufacturer of decorative cabinetry hardware.

Custom Cabinetry

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