Spring Forward

It has been a wild ride the last couple of weeks! Every year around the beginning of April it seems like the dam breaks and everything comes to life around here.   So many great things in the works.  New products, major equipment upgrades in the shop, and processes that have been in the works for some time now are all in place.   Opportunity is knocking and we are underway.  The energy and excitement in the shop is contagious as we feed off of the excitement of new possibilities and the added ease of improving operations.  Not to mention, some highly unique projects are underway. We’ll post some finshed pictures up in the next couple of weeks when we are all installed.

Displaying IMG_4085.JPG Displaying IMG_4086.JPG

We even get to toot our horn a bit this month, as we have been popping up in the media  winning awards and having articles published!

As you may have noticed a few weeks ago Leah was a finalist in the 2016 Top shelf Closets Design competition. We are proud to announce that her project took first place in the Wood Closets over 18′ category!


My recent fame is slightly less prestigious, but hopefully of value to fellow shop owners. I was asked to share a shop tip for one of our industry magazines for their new cabinet shop tips feature.



We’ll try not to  let it go to our heads, but we are pretty excited to be getting out there in the industry.